Com208 Unit 7 Quiz 2017 (A+++++)

QuestionQuestion 1Which of the following is TRUE about conflict?Answers:a. It is not so much the conflict that creates the problem as the way in which you approach and deal with the conflict.b. If two people engage in relationship conflict, it means their relationship is unhealthy.c. Conflict hurts an interpersonal relationship.d. Conflict is bad because it reveals our negative selves.Question 2_____________________ conflict centers on facts—objects, events, and persons in the world usually external to the people involved in the conflict.Answers:a. Inferentialb. Factualc. Contentd. RelationshipQuestion 3Which is the ideal style of conflict?Answers:a. collaboratingb. accommodatingc. avoidingd. competingQuestion 4This style of conflict management represents great concern for your own needs and desires and little concern for the needs and desires of others.Answers: a. competingb. collaboratingc. accommodatingd. avoidingQuestion 5Which of the following is NOT true in regard to online conflict?Answers: a. Online conflict is usually more positive than face-to-face conflict.b. The same conflicts that arise in face-to-face conflict can happen in online conflict.c. It can range from posting irrelevant messages to trolling.d. Online conflict often centers on the violation of Internet courtesy.Question 6When Leonardo and Kate argue, Kate’s all-too-frequent strategy is to bring up all of Leonardo’s previous failures and indiscretions. Kate’s behavior is best described asAnswers: a. blame.b. silencers.c. gunnysacking.d. face-detracting.Question 7Anna is willing to speak up when she feels like she has a point to make and is defending a cause she believes in. Anna will score high onAnswers: a. aggressiveness.b. extroversion.c. assertiveness.d. argumentativeness.Question 8Whenever, he engages in conflict, Tommy starts yelling, which prevent his partner from constructively responding. This is an example of the use of (a)Answers: a. gunnysacking.b. silencer.c. beltlining.d. catastrophizing.Question 9Physical flight, falling asleep, or just mentally withdrawing are all examples ofAnswers: a. gunnysacking.b. avoidance.c. redefinition.d. empathy.Question 10_____________________ hat asks that you look at the upside.Answers: a. Positive benefitsb. Negativec. Feelingd. FactQuestion 11The most common type of verbal aggressiveness isAnswers: a. cursing.b. character attack.c. threatening.d. teasing.Question 12Which of the following is NOT a way to communicate equality when dealing with conflict?Answers: a. stress your own opinions firstb. avoid interruptingc. recognize cultural differencesd. make requests and avoid demandsQuestion 13John really didn’t want to take on another shift Saturday, but he didn’t want to make waves with his supervisor, so he said yes. This is an example of the ____________ conflict style.Answers: a. avoidingb. collaboratingc. compromisingd. accommodatingQuestion 14Ryley and Tyler were trying to decide which movie to go to—the comedy film or the new romance film. They decide to go to the comedy film tonight and see the romance film next week. This is an example ofAnswers: a. compromising.b. competing.c. avoiding.d. accommodatingQuestion 15_______________________ techniques involve helping the other person to maintain aAnswers: a. Face-enhancingb. Avoidancec. Gunnysackingd. Face-detracting

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