Com208 unit 6 quiz 2017/Com208 unit 6 quiz 2017

QuestionQuestion 1An interpersonal relationship between two interdependent people that is mutually productive and characterized by mutual positive regard is aAnswers:a. mentoring relationship.b. workplace romance.c. romantic relationship.d. friendship.Question 2In the friendship of _____________________, the relationship is transitory—the kind we have with classmates and neighbors—cordial but not intense.Answers:a. associationb. acquaintancec. reciprocityd. receptivityQuestion 3In their relationship, Pat and Kris eat their meals together, present themselves to others as a unified couple, and seldom if ever have sex-role conflicts with regard to their relationship. They exemplifyAnswers:a. interdependents.b. independents.c. traditionals.d. separates.Question 4This type of love is compassionate and selfless.Answers:a. pragmab. agapec. ludusd. storgeQuestion 5A relationship where an experienced individual helps train a less experienced person is a ______________ relationship.Answers:a. pragmaticb. reciprocalc. networkingd. mentoringQuestion 6Will and Jada are very compatible. They each have qualities that fit each other’s needs. Their love can best be defined asAnswers:a. pragma.b. eros.c. storge.d. agape.Question 7Sam is crazy about Scarlet. He cannot live without her. He spends all his time with her, and when she isn’t around, he gets very depressed. Sam is experiencingAnswers:a. mania.b. storge.c. eros.d. agape.Question 8Jake thinks Taylor is gorgeous. He can’t focus on anything else but her beauty and sexuality. Jake is experiencingAnswers:a. agape.b. eros.c. storge.d. pragma.Question 9This type of love is seen as a game and focuses on entertainment and excitement.Answers:a. ludusb. erosc. storaged. agapeQuestion 10Zara’s family members usually go their separate ways, don’t eat meals together, and rarely disclose personal information to one another. They are an example of a ____________ family.Answers:a. consensualb. laissez-fairec. protectived. pluralisticQuestion 11Which type of friendship is considered to be ideal?Answers:a. friendship of receptivityb. friendship of necessityc. friendship of associationd. friendship of reciprocityQuestion 12Which lovers’ relationships rarely deteriorate?Answers:a. pragmab. agapec. erosd. storageQuestion 13____________________ refers to how online friends begin to share their networks of other communicators.Answers:a. Networkingb. Assimilationc. Network convergenced. Network symmetryQuestion 14Which of the following is NOT true in relation to online relationships?Answers:a. Online relationships can be empowering for persons with disabilities.b. Online relationships rely less on trust, honesty, and commitment.c. Online relationships stress the inner individual over appearance at first.d. You can reach more people online than face-to-face encounters.Question 15Ava and Mica have been classmates since the third grade. However, they do not have trust or loyalty in their relationship. Their friendship can be best classified asAnswers:a. collaboration.b. association.c. reciprocity.d. receptivity.

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