Case: quot;Marketing Transformation at Mastercardquot; What’s in your wallet? Before you start this case, consider your credit cards. How many do

Case: “Marketing Transformation at Mastercard”

What’s in your wallet? Before you start this case, consider your credit cards. How many do you use? For years credit card companies have been offering attractive incentives to get a bigger share of your wallet.  How well are you motivated by these incentive programs? We talked in class about the power of an emotional attachment to a brand. MasterCard is trying to build an emotional bond with its customers. Is it succeeding?  

Please prepare responses to the following questions

  1. What is Raja trying to accomplish and why?
  2. What is a digital engine and how does it work? What is unique about it?
  3. Are MasterCard’s marketing programs working? Should Ajay Banga, MasterCard’s CEO increase the budget for marketing?
  4. What should Raja do next?

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