Admittance letter University Suspension, Communication Assignment Help

I need someone to help me write a readmitted letter for my university after 1 year suspension, the letter should include the following:

  1. Letter should be at least 2 pages.

  2. Why suspend?

I was suspended for 1 year because I got a C on my first year of academic class. The reason is that on ethical ledership, I did so bad on the first exam because of the pollen season. In that period of time I feel like having a cold, I could not focus on anything for a long time. I thought it was just a simple cold, however, it was because I changed into allergy. But I did not realized it.

  3. Plan for success

1). take pills for the pollen season.

2).chose the realated classes which are aligned with the classes I have not taken.

3).quit playing online games and procrastination, do everything on time.

4).got other good habits that can help me study well such as reading news paper.

  4. the letter should be formal and no spelling and grammar mistake.

My major is MBA – internal management

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