1.Which of the following is the primary purpose of any channel of distribution?

1.Which of the following is the primary purpose of any channel of distribution?

Select one:

a. to generate models of efficiency and streamline organizational outcomes

b. to create a relationship between a variety of businesses and organizations

c. to bridge the gap between a product’s producer and a product’s user

2.A company failed to coordinate a clear message across all of the IMC channels it was using to market its products and services. What are the ramifications of this misstep?

Select one:

a. The target audience is clear about the company’s offerings.

b. The effective and consistent message is reinforced over and over through the various IMC campaigns.

c. The customers are confused as a result of the wasted resources, time, and money.

3.A crude oil company is recovering after a oil tanker spill this month. It is trying to rebuild a positive image about its brand while at the same time strengthen its good relationships with influencers and generate public goodwill. What is the most effective marketing tool for it to use to accomplish all of its goals?

Select one:

a. focus its efforts with public relations

b. focus its efforts on advertising

c. focus its efforts on direct marketing

4.A dish soap company’s marketing campaign goal is to increase the sales of its new spring-fresh-scented product in grocery stores. The company’s objective drives it to select a point-of-sale enticement as the most effective strategy. Which communication method would most likely work best to meet the company’s goal?

Select one:

a. sales promotions

b. public relations

c. personal selling

5.A new marketing employee for an international company is learning to coordinate all of the company’s marketing methods. What are the seven most common methods she should make sure to address with the company’s marketing?

Select one:

a. advertising, direct marketing, personal selling, sales promotions, public relations, guerrilla marketing, and digital marketing

b. indirect marketing, personal selling, exhibitions, sales promotions, public relations, guerrilla marketing, and generational marketing

c. advertising, direct marketing, personal selling, sales promotions, public relations, monkey marketing, and digital marketing

6.Advertising encompasses three primary objectives. One objective is to remind customers of the need for the product or service and the benefits it provides. A second objective is to persuade customers try a new product, remain loyal, or switch brands. What is the third primary objective of advertising?

Select one:

a. comparative abstraction advertising

b. informative advertising

c. mindfulness advertising

7.If a company needs to stimulate revenue or provide extra value or incentives to its customers or distributors for a short period of time, which marketing tool would be best for the company to use?

Select one:

a. personal sales

b. sales promotions

c. guerrilla marketing

8.If a company uses in-person interactions to sell a product or service through sales representatives, which this type of communication method is it using?

Select one:

a. public relations

b. personal selling

c. direct marketing

9.If a marketer is to execute an effective marketing strategy using IMC, which aspects should he or she consider? Select all that apply:

Select one or more:

a. consider the stage of the product life cycle that the product or service

b. identify which tools are the best fit for the audience and marketing objectives

c. determine how to deliver a unified message and coordinated approach across the marketing tools

10.In order for the sales process to begin, which initial step must be taken?

Select one:

a. leads need to be generated and qualified

b. solutions need to be presented and concerns resolved

c. relationships need to be built and needs discovered

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